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In January 1994, with much of the East Coast buried in snow, Merck scientists confronted the elements to continue their work in the lab. Hear Dr. Mike Thien’s story. #Humans4Health b​i​t​.​l​y​/​1​s​H​U​t​3​Z
about 4 days 1 hour ago
It’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Share if this disease has impacted your life. b​d​d​y​.​m​e​/​2​8​L​F​7​9​u
Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease
about 6 days 1 hour ago
Merck scientist, Alex Therien, is inspired and committed to the fight against antimicrobial resistance. b​i​t​.​l​y​/​1​O​f​b​J​p​5
about 1 week ago

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